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One of our signature bags.

An every day, everywhere bag

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 10.50.23 AM.png

Material: 100% non-woven polypropylen

Certified fabric


Available in:

Small : 32 cm [height] x 40 cm [length] x 10m [width]

Medium:  47 cm [h] x 45 cm [l] x 12 cm [w]

Large (long shape): 50 cm [h] x 55 cm [l] x 12 cm [w]

Large (large shape): 43 cm [h] x 70 cm [l] x 18 cm [w]

*can always be custom-made to your specific needs

Thickness : 60 gsm


Can hold so many products

Can be used more than a dozen times

Easy to wash

Water resistant

Machine washable

Smooth touch

Elegant look

Earthy color bag

Logo in black for bold visibility

Amazing for everyday purchases.

Recommended industries: clothing, shoes, home decor, pharmacy, etc.

Love yourself. Love the planet.

Reach out to us for wholesale orders
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