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Let’s be real – just like winter – change is coming.

We’ve all been aware of the many environmental damages caused by the single use bags. Yes, it’s a cheaper and more accessible option, but let’s face it, our planet DESERVES better, and your customers ARE expecting better. If all of this is still not enough, the upcoming government ban on single use bag will inevitably force change.

So why wait? You can position your business for success TODAY by opting for Infinite Gesture’s non woven polypropylene bags. We’ve developed our bags to offer a more sustainable option than many multi-use bags currently available. It is super practical, durable, non-toxic, recyclable (where facilities exist) with a touch of flair – who said sustainable cannot be fashionable?

Don’t be too late to the party, it is cool to be woke!

Sac de maille


Infinite Gesture is a small business with big ambitions.

It was founded in 2021 by two moms who felt overwhelmed by all the headlines about climate change and their inability, as regular consumers, to make a big enough impact for the next generations.


We started as co-workers who bonded over our love for fashion, cooking and more importantly for the planet. After countless shopping sprees where we were over and over offered single use bags with no practical alternative, we decided it was time to do something about it.


We put ours minds together to find an eco-friendly and inclusive solution to an everyday problem – the Infinite Gesture bag


We are world citizens concerned by climate change, its current and future impacts


We are passionate and creative women who want to be part of the solution


We are convinced that eco-friendly IS and ALWAYS will be trendy

We know that a MODERN LIFESTYLE can combine sustainability

We are change-makers who believe in the power of every single GESTURE – big and small

Hand Strewing Sand


Change the consumption habits


Understand our impact on our Home


Use better natural ressources


Let Earth breathes and regenerates

Reduce mankind ecological footprint


Our mission

Our bags are designed to be sustainable and stylish at the same time. We believe that our customers, and yours, are expecting sustainable options that will not compromise their fashion sense. 

Our modern design will enable you to feature your logo and enhance your brand.

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